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Georgia Kate Wilson, with NIF: Y6935783D and website, makes this document available to users in order to comply with the obligations set out in Law 34/2002, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, as well as to inform about the conditions of use of the website.

The terms and conditions contained in this document, as well as in the so-called Privacy Policy, regulate the access and use of the website by users upon acceptance of them. Georgia Kate Wilson reserves the right to modify the content of the website without the obligation to pre-notify or inform users of the changes made, as long as they do not affect the provision of contracted services, understanding as sufficient with the publication on this website.



These General Conditions regulate the use (including mere access) of the web pages that make up the Georgia Kate Wilson website, including the contents and services made available in them. Any person who accesses the website,, agrees to be bound by the General Conditions in force at any time of

The contents and services that Georgia Kate Wilson makes available to the User on the website ( may also be regulated by special conditions that, in case of conflict, will prevail over the General Conditions. The User also agrees to the corresponding Special Conditions each time they use the corresponding content or service.

In any case, Georgia Kate Wilson reserves the right to modify, at any time and without the need for prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as these General Conditions or the corresponding Special Conditions.


The Contents of the website are made available to the User by Georgia Kate Wilson with information from both its own and third-party sources.

Georgia Kate Wilson ensures that the Contents are of the highest possible quality and reasonably up-to-date, but does not guarantee the usefulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance, and/or timeliness of the Contents.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

In addition, no transfer of any intellectual or industrial property rights over the website or any of its component elements is made, and the User is expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting, reusing, resending or using any nature, by any means or procedure, of any of them, except in cases where it is legally permitted or authorized by the owner of the corresponding rights.

The User may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Contents for their exclusive personal and private use on their computer systems (software and hardware), provided it is not for the purpose of carrying out commercial or professional activities. The User must refrain from obtaining, or attempting to obtain, the Contents by means or procedures other than those that have been made available to them or indicated for that purpose, or those that are normally used on the Internet (provided that the latter do not involve a risk of damage or disablement of the website The User must respect at all times all intellectual and industrial property rights on the website, owned by Georgia Kate Wilson or third parties.

Hyperlinks and Linked Sites


The User and, in general, any natural or legal person who intends to establish a hyperlink or technical link device (for example, links or buttons) from their website to must obtain a prior and written authorization from Georgia Kate Wilson.

The establishment of the Hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between Georgia Kate Wilson and the owner of the website or the web page in which the Hyperlink is established, nor the acceptance or approval by Georgia Kate Wilson of its contents or services.

In any case, Georgia Kate Wilson reserves the right to prohibit or disable at any time any hyperlink to the website, especially in cases of illegality of the activity or contents of the website in which the hyperlink is included.

Contact Information

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